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Li Shi Hong Juan


If you like silence, if you like natures beauty, if you like eating tasty foods, I think Wuhu is the most suitable place for you. When I got here I wasn't used to the life here so I always felt like time is really moving slow and plus there are not so many fun places to visit.Time passed by and I recognized that I’m getting to like it here. The most important thing is that I get to meet very friendly friends from different countries in the world. When school started, many interesting things happened because of language and culture difference. These happenings gave me nice memories. I have been here for about a year now and I have experienced so many things Anhui Normal University Is my second home. In this home I have friendly teachers and ,loving sisters and brothers.

Note: This student studied Chinese for a year and has got the HSK

with a high marks.



On the 26th of August I got to China. After four days I took the train from Beijing to Wuhu.Not to tell a lie, before coming to Wuhu I had no hope at all.Not knowing that Wuhu is a wonderful city . Anhui normal universitys teachers and students cared a lot for me. They always help me solve my problems. From the help of my teachers and schoolmates I got adjusted to life here very easily. There is also a rapid progress in my Chinese, and its far more better than before. I am really satisfied with the education and life here.



In October 2004 I arrived in Anhui normal university.When I just got here I thought that I will be very lonely and bored but I was mistaken.The teachers are very kind hearted and friendly.Their methods of teaching are very effective and that made me have a big progress in myChinese.Students are very harmonious.Teachers and schoolmates gave me a sense of belonging.The school environment is really beautiful and safe.The universitys location is good too.It is located in the city centre and is very convenient for buying stuff.Eventhough I’m nearly graduating,I still want to stay here and continue on studying.This university has given me beautiful impressions making me not want to leave this place.No matter where I am, I will never forget this unforgettable university,Anhui Normal University.

Note: This student is a government scholarship student. She is an

excellent undergraduate. She participated in the whole the art and

literature festival at Provincial level and won  first price.She is also a

member of the girls volleyball team

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