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Students get awarded in provincial SYB competition

   Recently, the final "venture competition ofventure youth,China union" was held in Anhui industrial university ,in Anhui province . Of our 15 entry work , we had got 4 gold cup ,7 bronze cup and 4 excellent awards. And our school got organization awards, which was a breakthrough about the total number of gold awards.

   In fact, the "venture youth, China union",Anhui province college students venture competition, was reformed from" challenge cup". And it consists of venture planning competition, venture practice challenge competition, public interest venture competition, mobile Internet specialcompetition.

   Our school emphasized the venture teachingwork of college students and venture youth college student competition. Now our school is organizing related exports to improve the 4 works in order to takepart in the nationwide competition.

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Students from AJNU get achievement at the 2014 international college students' mathematical modeling contest

     Until now, the result of MathematicalContestin Modeling,MCM comesout that Institute of meter college again created a new record. The competitionteam member of Linjiangxia, Lilu, Zhangtingting directed by associated professor Hedao, team of Yuwei, Shirong, Chengxiaoxia, Yangwenjiao and Jingshan directedby associated professor Zhangqiong both got Honorable Metion. This is a newrecord after the 1 second prize in the first competition of 2012 and 2 secondprize in 2013.

    This competition manifest that our school have strong Mathematical ContestinModeling ability.

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