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Charming Wuhu

   Wuhu is a very ancient city with more of than 2000 years of history. It is well known throughout China and also in the world as the hometown of fish and corn, Wuhu lies at the low reaches of the Yangzi river and is an important port city. During the Qing Dynasty period, Wuhu was the best corn city among the four most well known corn cities in China. So far Wuhu’s economic situation is very good. Two famous companies, both in China and overseas are located in Wuhu. These companies are Cherry and Conch.

     Wuhu has adequate illumination, distinct four seasons, half the year the temperature is around 15 to 16 degree celcius and the sight is very beautiful and pleasant. Anhui Normal University is located in the city centre. The price of commodities are very reasonable making life much more easier.Wuhus reputation of scenic spots and historical sites spreads far and wide.Wuhu is near the yellow mountain, jiu hua Buddhist mountain and magnificent ancient villages Xidi.Wuhu is also close to Nanjing and Shanghai. Convenient transportation and communication. Wuhu is the best place for foreign students to study in.

     Wuhu is now in the process of vigorously construction. Welcome to Wuhu!

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